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Being Laundry-Free is Priceless

Laundry Limo gives you back the time to do the things that matter most, and that alone is priceless.

Residential Service

  • Two Day Service $2.50/lb*
  • Next Day Service additional $15-$50 per order
  • Weekend Service Fee-$50 per order
  • Free Pick Up and Delivery
25lb minimum on all orders* Anything above 50lbs is only $2.00/lb.*
Household & Other Items
Comforters, Sleeping Bags, and Other Options
Twin   12.99
Full/queen 14.99
King/Sleeping bags 16.99
Down Comforter (any size) 24.99
Infant Clothes-Additional $.65/lb (weighed separately)
Mattress Pads-6.99
Terry Robes 6.99

Hanging Clothes $3.00 for every ten items (We provide hangers)

Commercial Service

Pricing depends on frequency of service and garments to be laundered.

Call 214-414-3034 for quote and start service today!