I’m a busy mom. I have a full time job, 3 young girls, and a husband with a “start up” company. Our weekends used to be all about soccer games, grocery shopping and cleaning on Saturdays and 10+ loads of laundry on Sunday. There was never any quality family time at all. Then, one day, I started to search online for a maid that does laundry, I don’t think they exist. I found something better, Laundry Limo. Wow, how our lives have changed. No more struggling to do laundry all at once. Now we go to church, and usually spend Sundays doing fun things with the kids! Thanks Laundry Limo for making such a difference in our lives!

Susan O

I used Laundry Limo for the first time yesterday. I would recommend giving them a call. It was a wonderful experience. They really took care of my family’s clothes. It saved me a lot of time and it’s inexpensive. I will use them again.

Jamie T

To my delight, this laundry service allowed me to regain my normal lifestyle, but more importantly, gave me more quality time for myself and my kids. My entire family loves our laundry service. The staff is friendly, professional and eager to meet my needs. Thumbs up, Laundry Limo!

Mandy S