Why Laundry Limo

We Care:

We care about the things that matter most. Not only do we deliver clean clothes, we deliver Laundry Freedom. We want you to have Freedom to do the things that mean the most.

It’s Convenient:

We aim to make this experience convenient as possible for you. Our pick up and delivery service makes it to where all you have to do is schedule the pick up and set your dirty laundry outside. Within 48 hours your laundry is returned to your door, clean, folded, and smelling fresh.

We Give You Time:

By using our impeccable pick up and delivery service you will have 3 or more hours of free time per week. Laundry Limo wants you to spend your time doing things you really enjoy.

We Make It Easy:

Pick up and delivery services right to your door makes it to where you never have to carry a heavy laundry bag or watch your laundry room pile up again. Just place it outside and you’re done!

Quality Is Our Mission:

We are a professional service committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We use nothing but the finest detergents and products. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee says it all “We will wash until we get it right”

We Are Reliable:

Laundry Limo is dedicated to making sure your items are picked up and delivered in a timely manner. We ensure you that we will treat your laundry better than you will at home.


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